Definition:  A variable is a storage place for a piece of information that can be changed during the game.

Variable Definition:  How to make a variable.

ProtectionLevel Type variableName;

Examples using the four most common variable types:

public int health;                      //an integer variable can hold a + or – whole number
public float money;                  //a float can store a + or – decimal number
public string playerName;     //a String stores text
public bool alive;                    //a boolean stores a value of true or false

How to assign or store a value in a variable:

variableName = value;

Examples of storing values in the four most common types:

health = 100;
money = 50.25f;           // f after a number tells the computer to make it a float
charName = “Fred”;   // put quotes “” around the text you want to store in a string
alive = true;