VGD 3 Syllabus

Video Game Design 3 Syllabus

Overview of the class:

Video Game Design III builds on the skills acquired in Video Game Design I and II.  Students will review the skills learned and then investigate advanced topics in game design such as, creating games for mobile devices, electronics, peripherals, Arduino, and more.  They will work individually and in teams to design and create fully developed and featured video games.  Students will prepare for and take the Unity Certified Game Designer Certification test.

1st Grading Period:  Aug 26 – Oct 18 (8 weeks)

Students will review C# scripting and explore game development for mobile devices.  Topics covered include touch controls, motion controls, and building games on mobile devices.

We will build a simple mobile game as a class and then students will create their own simple game to demonstrate mastery of skills learned.

2nd Grading Period: Oct 21 – Dec 20 (8 weeks)

Students will continue to explore mobile game development by creating an infinite runner style game.  We will look at creating textures and animations for the mobile environment.

3rd Grading Period:  Jan 7 – March 6 (9 weeks)

Students will explore the world of augmented reality games.  We will also finish certification preparation and take the certification test at the end of this grading period.

4th Grading Period:  March 16 – May 28 (11 weeks)

Students will work in teams to develop and create a mobile game.  We will follow a cycle of design to create, test, and refine fully developed games.  At the end of the school year students will play each other’s games and give feedback.

CTSO (Career and Technical Student Organization)

We will be participating in the Skills USA CTSO this year.  Students can join Skills to participate in competitions and other events.  You can find the Skills USA website at: for more information.  Dues and signup information will be given to the students during the first grading period.