UI Summative

You will be adding the following UI to your games.


  • To make a 70% do the following:
    • Make a menu button that is displayed on your screen
    • When the menu button is pressed:
      • A menu panel slides on to the screen from the left side.
      • If the menu is on screen pressing the menu button again makes it slide off screen
    • The menu should include instruction for how to play, listing the controls and what they do.
    • Add the health bar canvas to all objects that have the health script.
  • To make an 80% add the following:
    • Pause the game while the menu is on screen – unpause when menu is off screen
    • Add sounds to your button clicks – I have sounds in the VDG Content folder.
  • To make a 90% or higher add the following:
    • Add options to your menu to adjust the difficulty of the game by adding the following:
      • Allow the player to adjust the starting health(max health) and damage of the player character
        • You can make three buttons – easy, normal, hard.
        • When one of them is pressed adjust the health and damage variables of the player character.

Due Date: Friday 3/6 at the beginning of class (we are grading during class).