Attack and Health System Project

You will be completing a summative project this week implementing the health and attack systems to a chest.


  • Make a chest monster
  • Give the chest a health, attack, and behavior script
  • When the player attacks the chest – do damage to it
  • After the first attack by the player have the chest attack the player.
  • Use the open close animation as the attack animation.
  • When the chest is out of health have it do it’s death animation (open chest)


25 points – Chest has the health system and initial health
25 points – Player can attack the chest and deal damage
25 points – Chest opens after it runs out of health
25 points – Chest attacks (has the attack script) the player after the first hit the player scores on the chest.

This is a summative project. Due Date: Friday Feb. 19. We will be grading this at the beginning of class on Monday Feb. 24.