Individual Rollerball Project

You will create a new level for your Rollerball game adding in some new features. Keep it simple and make it unique. You will start by submitting a level overview for approval. Make sure you include the components, mechanics, goals, and any rules. Draw out a simple sketch of your game demonstrating the game play.

Requirements: Due Date: VGD2 Friday 9/27, VGD3 Monday 9/30

  • Your project needs to add three new features
  • Must include all features of the original and group Rollerball games
  • Include sounds
  • UI for important information (scores, lives, etc…)


  • 15 points – Level overview proposal submitted
  • 10 points – Menus and UI
  • 10 points – Game can be won, lost, restarted, and quit
  • 10 points – Sound effects included
  • 45 Points – Three new features implemented
  • 10 points – Game is balanced: fun/easy to play – challenging to win