Video Game Production and Contest

Today we will start production on your video game designs.  You will have four weeks to complete your game.

  • At least one complete level featuring your core game-play mechanics and components
  • A start menu with buttons to start, quit, give instructions, and credits.
  • The game must be able to be won and lost
  • After the game is over, players need to have the option to play again or quit
  • Music and sound effects
  • All art work needs to be made by you unless permission is given by Mr. Page to include art not made by you.
Rubric:  This will count as your Semester Final Exam Grade
  • 70 points – Requirements meet
    • one playable level
    • start menu with required buttons and content
    • game can be won/lost/quit/restart
    • music and sound included
    • all artwork owned by you
  • 30 points – Creativity
    • game is well designed, attractive, and inviting
    • game is fun to play
    • art work and music/sounds match theme and add to game play experience
  • Possible 50 Points Taken Away for off-task/not contributing
    • Maximum of 2 points per day
    • I check a t four random times per class period – if you are off task you lose .5 of a point.

The Video Game Design Club is hosting an in-house video game design contest on Thursday, May 23rd here at the career center from 4:30 – 6:00 in Mr. Page’s and Mr. Mancillas’ rooms.  Food (pizza) will be provided.

There is a category for first year game design students to submit 2D games, second year 3D games, and third year mobile games.

Final game versions must be submitted by May 16th.

Judging begins on May 20th – the top five placing games will go to the final round of judging on May 23rd.

Prizes will be awarded for the first place game.

Come out and celebrate the end of the school year and see the top contest games!