Game Pitch Presentations Summative

Today we will be finishing up our 10 page Game Design Document.

On Monday we will start presentations.  I will take volunteers to present, but if there are none we will choose students at random.  Remember that if you are not ready when called, your presentation will be considered late and will earn a maximum grade of a 70%.

Requirements for presentation:

Presentation needs to include all required information about your game.  The slides should be well laid out, understandable, and easy to read.  There will be a five minute time limit for the presentation.  We will take a few audience questions at the end of each presentation – be prepared to answer some questions.  Use good presentation skills, have fun, and be creative!

Rubric for the presentation:

Required information presented (60 points)

Slides clear and readable (10 points)

Presenter clear and understandable (10 points)

5 minute time limit kept (10 points)

Creative/Interesting presentation (10 points)

Audience Participation Points

When you are not presenting, you will be acting as if you are on a panel that is deciding on which game your company should make.  Listen carefully and have some questions to ask the presenter.  You will be graded on your participation as a part of the audience.  Make sure you are paying attention and being a good audience.

  • Stay off the computer
  • no talking during presentation
  • no music in your ears
  • stay off the phones and electronic devices
  • be facing and looking at the presenter
  • ask good questions – silly/off topic questions will cost you points

This presentation is a summative grade.