Game Marketing Summative – VGD 2 & 3

Marketing your game and generating interest in your idea is very important to getting your game made.  To create interest in your game you are developing the one page game design document and your marketing centerpiece.  These two assignments will be combined in this summative grade as follows:

Game Marketing Summative (100 points)

  • One Page Game Design Document (40 points) – Due April 1st
    • 30 points – All required information included – See requirements here
    • 10 points – Creative and attractive design
      • Is it eye catching?
      • Is it easy to understand and read?
  • Marketing Center Piece (60 points) – Due May 10th
    • This will be something that will attract attention to your game.  It could be a 3D model, game poster, game box, video trailer, or other – check with me to make sure it will qualify.
    • More details to come on this later.