Daily Archives: May 6, 2019

You will be developing a marketing centerpiece and presenting your game to the class.  We will have this week to create and produce the marketing centerpiece and prepare for your class presentation.

Centerpiece Requirements and Rubric – Summative – Due Friday, May 10th

You will create and produce a centerpiece for your game that will attract attention and promote it.  This would be something that you would see at a booth promoting the game.  Some ideas for centerpieces are:

  • Poster
  • 3D Model
  • Game Box
  • Video Trailer
  • Any other idea you have – run it by Mr. Page for approval
  • Is the centerpiece eye-catching and attention grabbing?
  • Does it represent the idea/theme/feel of the game?
  • Is it well made and professional looking?
Presentation Requirements and Rubric – Summative

Your team will be giving a game pitch presentation to the class.  All team members need to participate (speak) in the presentation.  You will need to develop slides to use for your presentation.  Follow the 10 page design document outline for your slides.

Presentations will be given during class next week Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  I will take volunteers to go first.  If there are no volunteers, then we will pick teams at random.  If you are not ready to go when picked, your presentation will be considered late and will earn a maximum grade of a 70%.

  • Did all team members participate in the presentation?
  • Are slides clear, readable, attractive, and convey the theme of the game?
  • Was all information required given? (see the 10 page game design outline)
  • Did the presentation stay in the 10 minute time limit?
  • Was the team able to answer questions about their game?
  • Were real screen shots and/or game play shown?
  • Did presenters speak up, give eye contact, communicate clearly?
  • Was the presentation creative and did it keep the audience’s attention?

This week will be developing the marketing and presentation parts of your game project.

Monday: Marketing / Presentation Development

Tuesday: Marketing / Presentation Development

Wednesday: Marketing / Presentation Development

Thursday: Marketing / Presentation Development

Friday: Marketing / Presentation Complete

Tutoring this week: Thursday 8:10 – 8:45, 12:45 – 1:15, and 4:00 – 4:45

Don’t forget Professional Dress Wednesday.

This week we will continue to develop our games.

Monday:  Game Production

Tuesday: Game Production

Wednesday: Game Production

Thursday: Game Production

Friday:  Game Production

Tutoring this week: Thursday 8:10 – 8:45, 12:45 – 1:15, and 4:00 – 4:45

Don’t forget Professional Dress Wednesday.