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Students – we will be starting our on-line course work tomorrow Wednesday, 3/24. Please check your school email and Shoology daily.

Here’s our plan:

  • You will compete the game design process to create a game that you would like to make
  • You will have step-by-step instructions and assignments to guide you through the process.
  • You will present your completed game design in an on-line format
  • Stay tuned for specific instructions.

All of this will be on Schoology – Please look for instructions there as I will not be update this website until we return to school.

You will be adding the following UI to your games.


  • To make a 70% do the following:
    • Make a menu button that is displayed on your screen
    • When the menu button is pressed:
      • A menu panel slides on to the screen from the left side.
      • If the menu is on screen pressing the menu button again makes it slide off screen
    • The menu should include instruction for how to play, listing the controls and what they do.
    • Add the health bar canvas to all objects that have the health script.
  • To make an 80% add the following:
    • Pause the game while the menu is on screen – unpause when menu is off screen
    • Add sounds to your button clicks – I have sounds in the VDG Content folder.
  • To make a 90% or higher add the following:
    • Add options to your menu to adjust the difficulty of the game by adding the following:
      • Allow the player to adjust the starting health(max health) and damage of the player character
        • You can make three buttons – easy, normal, hard.
        • When one of them is pressed adjust the health and damage variables of the player character.

Due Date: Friday 3/6 at the beginning of class (we are grading during class).

This week we will be reviewing UI elements and adding UI to our games in a summative project.

Monday: UI Review: Canvas, text, buttons, animating UI elements

Tuesday: UI Review: Using sliders as health bars, World Space Canvas

Wednesday: Work Day – UI Summative

Thursday: Work Day – UI Summative

Friday: Early out – Grading – UI Summative Due

Don’t forget Professional Dress Wednesday!


Tuesday 8:15 – 8:45, 12:45 – 1:10, 3:55 – 4:30

This week we will be making corrections to our Chest Monster Project and learning more about UI.

Monday: Grade Chest Monster Project / Talk about how it went

Tuesday: Revisit Health system and death

Wednesday: Revisit Attacking

Thursday: UI – Canvas, Text, Buttons, Panels

Friday: UI – Sliders, Animations, Text Mesh Pro

Don’t forget Professional Dress Wednesday!


Tuesday 8:15 – 8:45, 12:45 – 1:10, 3:55 – 4:30

This week we will add the death system to our game and then start a summative project adding the health, attack, death systems to another object in our game.

Monday: Presidents’ day – No School

Tuesday: Adding death system to the game

Wednesday: Intro project and work day

Thursday: Project work day

Friday: Project work day – complete project (grading on Monday)

Don’t forget Professional Dress Wednesday!


Tuesday 8:15 – 8:45, 12:45 – 1:10, 3:55 – 4:30

You will be completing a summative project this week implementing the health and attack systems to a chest.


  • Make a chest monster
  • Give the chest a health, attack, and behavior script
  • When the player attacks the chest – do damage to it
  • After the first attack by the player have the chest attack the player.
  • Use the open close animation as the attack animation.
  • When the chest is out of health have it do it’s death animation (open chest)


25 points – Chest has the health system and initial health
25 points – Player can attack the chest and deal damage
25 points – Chest opens after it runs out of health
25 points – Chest attacks (has the attack script) the player after the first hit the player scores on the chest.

This is a summative project. Due Date: Friday Feb. 19. We will be grading this at the beginning of class on Monday Feb. 24.

This week we will finish adding the health system to our game. We will also be splitting out the attack system to its own script. Then we will look at how to use these scripts on several different objects in our game.

Monday: Complete Health System

Tuesday: Split out Attack System to new script.

Wednesday: Split out Attack System to new script. Implement on Player character.

Thursday: Apply Health System and Attack Script to other objects in the game.

Friday: Complete the Health and Attack Systems and play-test. UIL Gain

Don’t forget Professional Dress Wednesday!


Tuesday 8:15 – 8:45, 12:45 – 1:15, 3:55 – 4:30

Congratulations to our two teams of game design students who competed
in the Skills USA Region 10 Interactive Applications and Game
Development Competition this weekend! Students Sean McCrane and Nghia
Lam placed 2nd, and Jeremiah Stanton and Heather Gregor placed 3rd.

This week we will grade our AI Attack Projects, answer questions, make corrections, and start adding the next features.

Monday: Grade AI Attack projects, answer questions, start making corrections.

Tuesday: Continue corrections to AI Attack project.

Wednesday: Regrade project and introduce the next features to add.

Thursday: Add in damage to player and hit reaction animation.

Friday: Complete damage feature and plan next feature.

Don’t forget Professional Dress Wednesday!


Tuesday 8:15 – 8:45, 12:45 – 1:15, 3:55 – 4:30

I am not here today due to taking several students to the Skills USA Competition in Waco. Please follow the directions in this post.

Make sure that your AI Attack Project is fully completed by the end of class today. We will be grading it right away on Monday. Follow the rubric in the previous post.

  • Make sure that your enemies feet do not slide around while attacking (root motion).
  • Make sure you get only one hit per attack (turn on and off collider on axe)
  • Make sure the enemy will only attack when you are in front of him.

If you are completely done, start working on telling the player that he has been hit.

Look at SendMessage or how to get the players script and call a public function in it. Make a debug from the players script telling that it got the hit message.

Work hard – See you on Monday!

This week we will continue to develop the attack state of our enemy AI.

Monday: Flow Charts done, Add attack animation and make it play when the enemy is within your attack range.

Tuesday: Animation done, add in a cool-down to control how often the enemy can attack

Wednesday: Cool-Down done, add in hit detection (colliders or LOS/distance check). Make sure that it is synced up with the animation. Send a message to the console.

Thursday: Play-test everything and adjust your variables to give the attacking a good feel (timing, avoidance, hit detection).

Friday: Project due – Grading during class.

Don’t forget Professional Dress Wednesday!


Tuesday 8:15 – 8:45, 12:45 – 1:15, 3:55 – 4:30